Micropigmentation conditions

Micropigmentation application information

Characteristics of the application and material used.

The micropigmentation application is semi-permanent and can last several years.

No application of micropigmentation will be made to people under 18, without the consent and express authorization of their parents or legal guardians.

After drawing the design directly on the skin, the client can check the shape, position and size of the work to be done and only if he is satisfied, it will proceed to its realization.

All the material used for the application will be of first quality.

Adoption of hygienic measures.

The micropigmentation applications are carried out by the applicator duly provided with gown, gloves, glasses and mask.

The applicator will proceed to the preparation (make-up removal, washing, depilation and disinfection with an antiseptic product) from the area of the skin to be treated. During the application, care should also be taken to keep the area of the affected skin clean and disinfected.

All the material used for the application will be disposable (needles, shavers, depressors, pigment, petrolatum, gloves, etc.) or it will be sterilized (scissors, tweezers, etc.) and will be opened and prepared in the presence of the client. The area and work surfaces will be properly disinfected.

Contraindications and most frequent complications.

This type of treatment is contraindicated in people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with diabetes, coronary diseases or with pacemakers, undergoing chemotherapy, hemophiliacs, epileptics, with dermatitis or with a high degree of allergy.

If this is the case or if you have any other doubts about your state of health, you are advised to consult your doctor before the application to prescribe the pertinent treatment or preventive measures if necessary.

Maga Tattoo is exempt from any liability related to any adverse reaction due to concealment or deliberately ignoring any of the points mentioned above.

Micropigmentation procedure

Application selection

The client determines the desired service with the assistance of the staff of the establishment:

  1. The type of service is selected (hair-by-hair eyebrows, filled, with shadows).
  2. The color is specified on the color chart (the pigment mark is noted, as well as its reference on the customer's file).

Hiring the service

The price of the service is valued.

The date and time for the provision of the service are agreed.

The service is contracted and paid and the corresponding appointment is reserved.

  • In case of cancellation of the service by the client, the money will not be refunded, so it is advisable to think it over and not hire the service if you are not completely sure of it.
  • In the event that before the service the client wishes to change the contracted service for a different service, the money paid in advance, could be used to obtain any other service of the same or lower value or as an advance of another service of greater value.
  • The client could also transfer the money paid as an advance, in favor of another client so that he can take advantage of it in obtaining any service.
  • The client is informed of the care to be taken into account before
    the application of micro pigmentation.

    Preparation of the application

    At the time of the client's turn, according to the date and time of his appointment, the applicator will already have all the necessary materials and supplies ready for the previously contracted application:

    For the design

    • Stretcher paper
    • 2 plastic paper fields (one for the table and one as a bib for the customer)
    • Disposable nitrile gloves
    • Hydro-alcoholic gel
    • Antiseptic (water, alcohol and detol solution) or Push
    • Green soap or Wash
    • Paper napkins
    • Rods
    • Makeup remover discs
    • Thread (for design)
    • Eye pencil (to impregnate the thread)
    • Permanent ballpoint pen 0.5 mm black (finite)
    • Paper meter
    • Eyebrow tweezers
    • Eyebrow scissors

    For the application

    • Plasticized paper field
    • Cartridges (with needle)
    • 1 cap
    • Pigment (selected at the time of recruitment).
    • 1 wooden depressor
    • Vaseline or Push
    • Anesthetic cream
    • Pigment detector


    • Protective sealer

    Bear in mind that some of these materials have been prepared specifically for the realization of the micro pigmentation previously contracted and not another, such as pigments, so that at that time the service provision is already considered, although the client I still was not in the workroom or in the establishment.

    • If the client requests a change or modification of the service contracted as of that moment, he or she could lose his or her turn, since the time reserved for his or her appointment is the one necessary to carry out his or her application and that would harm the rest of the subsequent appointments.
    • In that case some of the materials would be discarded and the customer should assume an additional charge of €25.
    • The client should obtain a new appointment.

    Realization of the application

    The client will enter the work room (unaccompanied, except
    minors who may enter accompanied by one of their parents or legal guardian), when indicated by the staff of the establishment.

    Photographs of the face will be taken with the purpose of leaving a graphic record of the "before the application".

    The client explains how they want their application with the assistance of the staff of the establishment.

    The color to be used is confirmed. If you choose a different one, you have to write down your brand and reference in the service and customer files.

    The hair is held by a headband or ribbon.

    A plastic bib or napkin is placed.

    The client lies on the stretcher.

    The applicator washes and dries the hands, wears an apron, a mask and a pair of nitrile gloves.

    The makeup of the face is cleaned, if necessary.

    The area to be treated is disinfected by applying an antiseptic or push using a cleansing disc.

    The client is informed that he does not speak, gesticulate and remain
    with eyes closed.

    The measurements and basic markings for the shape of the eyebrows are made.

    The outline of the eyebrows (based on points) is drawn using a permanent marker.

    The marks of the measurements are eliminated.

    The client is invited to observe himself in a mirror:

    • If you agree to the drawn shape, a new photograph is taken and the procedure is continued.
    • Otherwise, the appropriate modifications are made until their approval is obtained.

    The surplus hairs are removed and the eyebrows are trimmed.

    The area to be treated is disinfected again applying antiseptic or
    push through a cleansing disc.

    If it was accurate, an anesthetic cream with a swab would be applied and it would be allowed to act for 30 minutes.

    The applicator will discard your gloves.

    The design material will be removed.

    The plasticized field will be changed to a new one.

    The micro pigmentation material will be prepared.

    The application will proceed.

    • The client should not constantly ask "How much time is left to finish?" It is not known exactly how long it will take to perform the application, it depends on the pain, the characteristics of the skin to be tattooed, the area of the body, what is move the client, the breaks that are made, etc. The necessary time will be used to properly perform the application.
    • There will be no breaks because the client feels pain, wants to smoke, etc. After each break you will feel more pain than before the break.
    • If the micro pigmentation is not terminated because of the client, such as because he is in a hurry to leave, he feels pain, etc., it will be terminated, and he must contract it and pay it again if he later wishes to complete it in another session. In addition, you must wait until your complete healing, at least 15 days, before you can continue it.

    During the application it will be verified, by means of a luminous utensil, that the pigment has been deposited correctly in the skin. If this were not the case, the application will continue until an optimum result is obtained.

    Once the application is finished:

    • The surface of the skin will be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning soap.
    • The client will be instructed to carefully observe the application:
    • If the client wants any improvement or review, he or she must indicate it at that time so that the applicator can proceed immediately and with the same material used to carry it out, since once the client leaves the work room, his service will be terminated and he must contract later any improvement or revision you wish to make.
    • Keep in mind that the first days the color will look darker than the selected one and later it will look lighter.

    Photographs of the face will be taken with the purpose of leaving a graphic record of the "after the application" and as a sample for our catalog.

    Vaseline or push (soothing lubricant) will be applied to the application.

    Once the client leaves the workroom, all disposable materials used will be discarded and the reusable materials will be prepared for sterilization.

    In case you are not satisfied with your service you will not be refunded the money.

    Care of micropigmentation

    The care to be taken before and after the application is important to prevent infections and ensure a good result.

    The client commits to comply with them, assuming as his own the problems derived from the breach of them.

    Before the application

    Do not attend the establishment on an empty stomach.

    Avoid drinking alcohol, vasodilators or exciters 24 hours before.

    Avoid sunbathing excessively and of course sunburn.

    Go with the face washed and washed.

    After the application

    During the healing period of the micro pigmentation, which is approximately 15 days, follow the following indications:

    • Wash your permanent makeup delicately with water and neutral soap, dry it gently and apply a small amount of protective sealant, every time the skin is dry (between 5 to 10 times a day).
    • Repeat the process for 15 days, until your skin is completely healed.
    • Do not immerse your head in swimming pools, in the sea or in the bathtub, showering is not a problem.
    • Do not expose permanent makeup to the sun or solarium.
    • Do not scratch the application or tear off its scabs.
    • Avoid bringing permanent makeup to heat sources such as chimneys, ovens, saunas, etc.
    • In case of non-compliance with the recommendations, your permanent makeup will most likely be degraded.
    • Even fulfilling the recommendations can degrade the permanent makeup, simply by sweating or because the skin does not retain the pigments.

    If, at least one day after obtaining your permanent make-up, it stings you, go to a pharmacy to buy some cream to avoid an infection on your skin.

    If for any reason permanent makeup touches are desired, you must wait a month from its completion.