Tattoo accessories

Complementary services of the tattoo

Tattoo review

We review semi-erased tattoos so that their appearance looks as if it were freshly made.

Review price

For tattoos made in our establishment:

  • Performance less than 3 months: 50% of its original price.
  • Performance less than 1 year: 75% of its original price.
  • Performance over 1 year: 100% of its original price.

Minimum price €25

Cover of tattoos ("Cover up")

We make tattoos on other antiques that you wish to cover, advising you previously about the most appropriate design to obtain a satisfactory result.

Tattoo fix and improvement

We fix tattoos that you wish to improve by reviewing your lines, applying shadows, fills, colors, etc.

Extension of tattoos

We extend tattoos maintaining the same style of the existing one, trying to homogenize it to give the sensation that everything is part of the same coherent set.

Tattoo termination

We complete unfinished tattoos.

Aesthetic tattoos

We make tattoos to hide scars, spots, stretch marks, malformations, etc.


We design your tattoo from a photograph, idea or drawing by creating line drawings, artistic drawings or freehand.

Line drawing

  • Necessary for the print of the tracing used to transfer the design of the paper to the client's skin.
  • Includes only the design lines, which should be black on a white background.
  • Does not include shadows, fills or colors.
  • The tattoo lines will be an accurate replica of the line drawing.

Artistic drawing

  • Necessary so that the client can get a rough idea of the final result of his tattoo.
  • In addition to the lines of the drawing it includes, where appropriate, shadows, fills and colors.
  • It serves as a guide for the tattoo artist during the implementation of the application.

Free hand

We make custom designs by drawing them freehand directly on the skin so that you can see the design on your body prior to the completion of the tattoo.

Price of the design

The design is included in the price of the tattoo and represents 25% of its value.

The design will not begin until the tattoo has been contracted.

There is the possibility of contracting only the design, paying 25% of the price of the tattoo, in which case the client could take his design. Later, if the client wanted it, he could contract the tattoo paying 75% of the remaining price.

Any change requested in the design carried out, would involve the hiring and payment of a new design.

Minimum price €10